Tuesday, 11 February 2014

About me.

Hey Guys ,

My blog is all my crazy thoughts , my past present and future but most important its taking what has happened to me and turning it into a positive and helping others that have lost loved ones and are experiencing the roller-coaster of grief.  Hopefully my blog can inspire you and for you take charge of your life and show you that there is beaming ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel.

Thought before I get into all that you would be best to know a little bit about myself . I recently just married the love of my life Chris last December. Blessed to have two very beautiful kids together,  Savannah who is two and Kai who is 4 months old.  So I am 21 married and have two kids. Some might say Chris and I have lost our marbles they could be very right but I have learnt over the years that life is too precious and short to be unhappy .My little family is what makes me feel like the queen of happiness along with good coffee and reality tv shows.

Why write this blog ? Because I have gone through the emotional cycle of grief and the physical for many years . Over my short 21 years have experienced what it is like to loose someone you love more then one should and I wouldn't wish the heart ache on anyone but you cant live forever and at some point of all our lives we will all experience it. Along with both my grandfathers , my grandmother and my Aunty. I have lost the two most important people in a child's life , my beautiful parents. I lost my mum in early 2010 to suicide and two years later lost dad also to suicide at the end of 2012. 

 Over the coming weeks I`ll  be opening up about both my parents deaths , my grief and how I dealt with it and still am to this day but also to show all you beautiful souls that no matter how stormy it gets there is always sunshine and maybe a rainbow to follow.

Lots of love ,
Jess x

Hold onto the love and not the loss - Eva Longoria